Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Typographic Posters

As I slowly cull through all of your wonderful, great design discoveries of 2009, I first off wanted to do a quick post on the find of our give away winner, Sfer, - Typographic Posters.

This amazing website is curated by Andre Felipe Menezes, and is a vast collection, of simply put, typographic posters - vivid, bold, graphic posters that announce or celebrate anything and everything, from all over the world. While there are no direct links for those who want to purchase any of these works, the site serves as a design archive and source of inspiration to many, and fans of graphic design. We'll also make sure to have more upcoming posts on your design discoveries.

Make sure to check it out......here's some pics 
for your visual enjoyment.
** If you are having trouble seeing the images, please link on the designer's name where you can see them

Designed by Andrea Novali

Designed by Studio Jan Koek

Designed by Chris Day

Designed by Zhishi

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1 comment:

sfer said...

Glad you liked it.
Such a pity that I can't see which posters you chose from each designer, because, as you say, I'm having trouble viewing the images...