Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Use That Stimulus To Get you Some Art!

Another great design suggestion from our giveaway, was from Carina, who had suggested the ever so wonderful Charmingwall. Based in NY this online store (and brick and mortar gallery) features many up and coming artists' prints from only $20! From the likes of the Oregon wunder, Evan B. Harris, to the rich illustration of Dan May, there's definitely something for everyone, if only just to check out Charmingwall's beautifully illustrated, animated logo.

(images from Charmingwall)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Typographic Posters

As I slowly cull through all of your wonderful, great design discoveries of 2009, I first off wanted to do a quick post on the find of our give away winner, Sfer, - Typographic Posters.

This amazing website is curated by Andre Felipe Menezes, and is a vast collection, of simply put, typographic posters - vivid, bold, graphic posters that announce or celebrate anything and everything, from all over the world. While there are no direct links for those who want to purchase any of these works, the site serves as a design archive and source of inspiration to many, and fans of graphic design. We'll also make sure to have more upcoming posts on your design discoveries.

Make sure to check it out......here's some pics 
for your visual enjoyment.
** If you are having trouble seeing the images, please link on the designer's name where you can see them

Designed by Andrea Novali

Designed by Studio Jan Koek

Designed by Chris Day

Designed by Zhishi

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Thursday, March 19, 2009


There's some awesome design work being done in the world of clocks. Big, bold and graphic clocks are striking, and small, elegant clocks can have just as dramatic of an effect as well. Here's a round up of some great clocks on the net:

Multi-city Wall Clock With Auto Calendar (from Habitat 60.00 pounds)

LED Alarm Clock With Electronic Bird - it moves and sounds a bird call as the alarm! (from Habitat 20.00 pounds)

LILAK Collection - Embossed Flower Clock - a gorgeous die cut and embossed paper clock
( from Decoylab $30.00)

And also from Decoylab, their great modern interpretation of a Cuckoo Clock ($28)

Ghost Clock designed by Yee-Ling Wan - all etched design on glass (from MoMA $160.00)

Wooden Matrioshka Wall Clock designed by Enna (29.00 Euros)

Mystic Wall Clock - with Victorian style hands under frosted glass ( from Umbra $210.00)

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Monday, March 16, 2009

All Things Laser Cut

Since I enjoyed digging up items for all things walnut, I wanted to look further into other materials and methods that Etsy sellers have been working with, and decided to look at all things laser cut:

First off, we have The Brass Menagerie's golden feather necklace ($40).
A very simple and elegant looking piece. Made of brass (though I'm unsure what the chain is made of), I'd love to see it in other metals as well.

Broken Toy Shop has a novel laser cut postcard for sale - the Pop.Dot Postcard ($8).
The plywood postcard is full of perforated small dots, that you can punch out to make your own message or design. Sample patterns and tracing sheets are included as well.

Megan Auman has some great, laser cut, powder coated steel storage bins ($180).
While they are a big pricey, she has other nice laser cut pieces, such as jewelry, as well.

Infrared Studio has a simple anchor piece ($30) in silver which is striking as well - especially since so many designers seem to lean towards laser cut acrylic.

We'll be looking for more laser cut work out there - especially in the paper and furniture/design realm, so check back soon for more discoveries.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

All Things Walnut

I've been searching high and low for all things walnut, in my quest to find the perfect walnut dining table, and so have uncovered an array of great items celebrating all things walnut:

From CB2, a selection of modern walnut desk accessories (from $24.95-$29.95)
Etsy seller Knotty Knotty's Walnut Cheese Board ($33.00)

Etsy seller Stout Woodwork's Hickory and Black Walnut ring ($25.00)

Etsy seller Touch The Dutch's Walnut Branch Necklace ($18.00)

More walnut goodies to come.....
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Athenaeum Press

I've said it before, but I love type - old type, letterpress type, advertising type. When I stumble across others that have found ways to share their love of type, it can be very inspiring.
Athenaeum Press, which is run by Peder Singleton has her own collection of Urban Typography, embracing in a way that Douglas Wilson does (he has a link to his urban typography photos on flickr), but taking it one step further......Taking photos of typography, they have been manipulated so that letterpress prints could be reproduced from the images. A really lovely to preserve some of these artworks and signs that are slowly being demolished.

The prints can be bought here.
(PS There's also a great intro to letterpress on their site, complete with an interactive press that you can click on)
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Monday, March 2, 2009

We Have A Winner(S)!!

Since there were so many great ideas, we decided to pick 2 winners (who were picked on Saturday, but due to Internet troubles, could not be posted until today).

The first winner is Selene, and her 2009 design discovery was Paraphernalia, and our second winner is Sfer who suggested typographic posters. We look forward to checking them out and sharing some news on these sites/designer soon!

And Sfer, please drop a note with your email so that we can contact you, Selene we will email you later!

Thank you again to all of you for participating. We hope to have more give aways soon!
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