Thursday, March 19, 2009


There's some awesome design work being done in the world of clocks. Big, bold and graphic clocks are striking, and small, elegant clocks can have just as dramatic of an effect as well. Here's a round up of some great clocks on the net:

Multi-city Wall Clock With Auto Calendar (from Habitat 60.00 pounds)

LED Alarm Clock With Electronic Bird - it moves and sounds a bird call as the alarm! (from Habitat 20.00 pounds)

LILAK Collection - Embossed Flower Clock - a gorgeous die cut and embossed paper clock
( from Decoylab $30.00)

And also from Decoylab, their great modern interpretation of a Cuckoo Clock ($28)

Ghost Clock designed by Yee-Ling Wan - all etched design on glass (from MoMA $160.00)

Wooden Matrioshka Wall Clock designed by Enna (29.00 Euros)

Mystic Wall Clock - with Victorian style hands under frosted glass ( from Umbra $210.00)

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