Monday, March 16, 2009

All Things Laser Cut

Since I enjoyed digging up items for all things walnut, I wanted to look further into other materials and methods that Etsy sellers have been working with, and decided to look at all things laser cut:

First off, we have The Brass Menagerie's golden feather necklace ($40).
A very simple and elegant looking piece. Made of brass (though I'm unsure what the chain is made of), I'd love to see it in other metals as well.

Broken Toy Shop has a novel laser cut postcard for sale - the Pop.Dot Postcard ($8).
The plywood postcard is full of perforated small dots, that you can punch out to make your own message or design. Sample patterns and tracing sheets are included as well.

Megan Auman has some great, laser cut, powder coated steel storage bins ($180).
While they are a big pricey, she has other nice laser cut pieces, such as jewelry, as well.

Infrared Studio has a simple anchor piece ($30) in silver which is striking as well - especially since so many designers seem to lean towards laser cut acrylic.

We'll be looking for more laser cut work out there - especially in the paper and furniture/design realm, so check back soon for more discoveries.
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infraredstudio said...

Thanks for the mention. Yes, I will be releasing more products soon...Cool Blog!