Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

For all of you that are celebrating, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Please check back after the holiday, as we will be debuting some of our new products next week, just in time for Christmas, such as our new Gold Notes journals.

And for those of you who don't want to be caught in the mad shopping rush of Black Friday, take advantage of our special - 10% off all purchases from our store if you mention the code "turkey" in the comments section of your order, from 11/28-11/30. The 10% will be refunded to your Paypal account.
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Something's Hiding In Here's 2009 Calendar

I love looking forward to the work that something's hiding in here has up their sleeves - it's always a nice surprise. Through keeping up with their blog, I learned about their foray into letterpress, and that they purchased an old proof press and have started on their first project, a 2009 calendar. It's great to see how they contrast uniform old calendar type with chunky wood type in their design, printing on what looks like a different colored paper for many of the months. Can't wait to see how they complete it.

**Update - They have just started selling them in their store here. They will ship Dec. 13th.
The photo above shows the finished product. Love the wood.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Place of Games

On enfant terrible's website, they have a lot of great items for babies and young children, including these walls, known as il posto dei giochi. Made of corrugated pressboard sheets, and designed by Enzo Mari, they have many different decorations and shapes on the panels, giving children an endless array of options. Build a fort! Create a ship! I personally think this would make a cool room divider....
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Monday, November 17, 2008


Some of you may be familiar with Sukie's line of paper goods. From sweetly illustrated notebooks to their work with Chronicle Books, their products stretch far and wide. But originally, they were most famous for their rescued paper notebooks. In their first incarnation, repurposed papers of varying type (maps, schematics, envelopes), were french folded and bound into a one of a kind notebook. But with such success, it seems they have revamped these notebooks into different types - so if you are a fan of photocopies, you can purchase a notebook made of completely recycled photocopies, or completely made out of paper bags, or envelopes, or many great surprises all bound up in one neat package. Notebooks can be ordered through their website here.
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

How do I love thee?

I have a paper, paper goods, office supplies problem - okay, maybe it's more of an addiction.
I own more blank notebooks than I can use, I constantly hunt for new paper items for myself, I get excited for buy office supplies for each new job I do. But hey, I'm entitled to have my quirks!
And so, I wanted to begin looking for items that I can fantasize about in the year to come:

It's small, it's nifty, it has cool waxed-like paper and kinda orange-y, and stickers to boot.....the Poketo Custom Diary

start here:
You can customize it, by adding different sections, through a series of interlocking notebooks and planners, you can choose your paper color, and a variety of accessories.....start here linkable notebooks (now biodegradable to boot!)

There's something so wonderful about French made notebooks - the smoothness of the paper is amazing. Their new "Basics" series of notebooks are made with their famous paper, and come in wirebound or clothbound notebooks, in tan and black colors, designed for the minimalist.......

Paper + Cup:
All the work they do is great, right down to their custom stamped wood utensils. A set of their custom address labels would be nice for anyone (I so miss their faux bois labels though).....

These handmade padded envelopes make going to the post office (or even being the recipient!), a little more exciting. Made of brown craft paper and filled with recycled padding, they are machine sewn and almost too nice to mail - would make nice gift wrap as well.

Design Within Reach:
The Folle Wall Calendar may remind you of the scale at the doctor's office, but it's so much more than that - great Danish design!

I'll have some more items that I'll dig up soon.....
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Vintage Wallpapers

It has been awhile since I last looked at vintage wallpapers and patterns, so in my search I came across Vintage Wallpapers out of Belgium. Specializing in wallpapers from the 1950's through 1980's, they have a vast collection that spans all types of design. From juvenile to pattern, they have something for almost anybody's tastes. There's a collection of vintage fabrics and vinyl coverings as well.

One of the great features the site has is nifty magnification tool that helps you look in greater detail at the images - just in case you were wondering if that wallpaper was really made of linen.

For those loving earthy tones or graphic patterns, their collection is bound to inspire.
Some of these patterns could easily be at home on a notebook cover, or as the lining of an envelope. I wish there were letterpress patterns like these!

(images from Vintage Wallpapers)
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drawers and Drawers

Established & Sons are a great UK design company, known for items such as their font clocks.
One of their designers, Shay Alkalay, has created his Raw Edges drawer unit - designed to move beyond the typical drawers that only move out in one direction, these drawers move both forward and back, while "floating" in a tower. So handy for those of us that always have socks stuck in the back of the drawer! I do quite like the colors - reminds me of the more darker spectrum of a Crayola box.

(image from Established & Sons)
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But can you stick it on the wall?

I was checking out Wolfie and the Sneak's current listings on their etsy shop and discovered this print of theirs. It's printed on unpasted wallpaper, but is a nice size and color. As a recurring pattern, it might make a nice wallpaper print on a wall - especially if it contrasted with some walls painted in a nice complimentary color. Hmmmmm......
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