Saturday, February 11, 2012


I don't know if any of you have heard of Moss, but it was an extremely influential design store in NY. Moss might sell a $20,000 couch that not many of us could ever imagine buying, but they did revive Tupperware parties in the late 90's. The would sell amazing furniture that most of us could only gawk at, while at the same time selling small, little doodads that have no purpose whatsoever, but look damn cool on your coffee table. And now, they are closing their store front space in Soho, and repurposing their business as a showroom/consultancy, while still having an online shop.

While many of us are sad that their storefront presence is dwindling down, I am excited to see what their new venture, Moss Bureau, brings. Poppytalk wrote a piece on Moss' closing and new venture, as did the New York Times. For updates, you can also check out Moss' blog, Bloss.

(image from Moss)

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