Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fancy Extension Cords

I love the DIY sculptural, braided extension cords project that Design*Sponge had today.
Extension cords for the most part are ugly things that we always trip over as they're always in the way. So with DS's posting as inspiration, I wanted do a round up of cool extension cords and powerstrips that are practical, or not  in the way, or we don't even mind being in the way:

The Rambler Socket Built-in Wall Extension Cord designed by Meysam Movahedi
This a thing of beauty, and retracts into the wall when not in use.

Multi Lines Extension cord by Connect design
This awesome extension cord disburses the outlets along the length of the cord, leaving no bulky block to plug into on the end.

(via HolyCool)

Cloth Extension Cord  by Best Made Co.
I have written before about my love of their axes, but now they have these almost vintage inspired, cloth extension cords. While not cheap, they are at least pretty enough to have out in the open.

(image from Best Made Co.)

Modular Power Strip with Ejector Slots by Soon Mo Kang
This is a concept design - that I hope will go into practice - being that it is a power strip that can be expanded as needed with the purchase of additional cubes. Also, each cube has an icon to let you know what is plugged into it.

(via Wired)

While this only has 4 outlets, at least he's cute, and flexible. Good for plugging in all your computer elements, and available in black or white.

(via Amazon)

DIY Wooden AT AT Power Extension Socket Storage from Brando Toys
While not a power strip, this build yourself AT AT while nicely insulate and hide your unsightly strip and spaghetti of wires.

(images from Brando Toys)

Plugo Extension Cord from Monos.
Plugo is a great circular extension cord, that has all the outlets to plug into around the circumference of the unit - leaving you with less tangled cords! 

This is just scraping the tip of the wired iceberg. While there were others I wanted to include, such as the power hub pig, I thought simple and clean might be the best way to go, for those of us just sick of wires everywhere!

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