Monday, October 25, 2010

Piggy Banks

I love piggy banks! Who doesn't? While they don't necessarily always come in the shapes of pigs, I've compiled a round up of current awesome banks to get you in the saving mood, both handmade and vintage (I"ll leave globe banks for another time).

This set, designed by Materious, is designed a philanthropic piggy bank set, so that kids are encouraged to set aside (ideally 10%) money in the smaller bank for charity, while they save for themselves in the large one. Such a great concept. ** They are currently sold out, but due to have more in January.

This smart clock bank, from French company ATYPYK, is a very clever play on words.

Remember those old combo lock banks? Never seen a vintage one like this, with two combo locks, from Industrialrelic.

I have a soft spot for home budget banks, and The Fancy Lamb's vintage one is in amazing condition, and such a unique shape. Seriously beautiful color.

GardenBarn's vintage Bosco coin bank has the perfect amount of old charm.

Fruitfly Pie's makes this ceramic bank from a vintage mold, and then fires and glazes it. Great way to repurpose vintage design.

Ladies & Gentleman have an ongoing series of "Chalk It To Me" piggy banks, that are created with a pigmented ceramic so you can write on them with the included chalk. Inspires those savings goals!

Boxnmor's bank is made from a vintage safe deposit box, and comes with a working key.

Nelles awesome cast bronze, flying pig bank is so unique and different. I love the wheels. He also has a great King Kong bank available as well.

The little trailer bank from Rpfeikgraphics has a sweet, old timey feel. There are many more banks available on their etsy store.

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Melisa said...

It feels odd when a piggy bank isn't pig-shaped. However, the designs are still quite nice to look at. The ones you brought out are very nice. They're all unique and clever.

-Melisa Vento