Monday, May 11, 2009


There's been a bit of buzz on the Internet over the Yudu (pronouced You-Do), a new do-it-yourself screen printing system. Made by the crafty folks over at Provo Craft (the company responsible for the Cricut), this nifty gizmo is poised to hopefully bring the art of screen printing to the masses.
Arriving just in time in the wake of Gocco's North American end, whether it will fill the void left by an absence of Gocco products, remains to be seen.
From what I've seen in promo videos online, the Yudu seems closer to screen printing than the Gocco ever was, and looks like it may print cleaner images as well. The difference between the, though, is their methods in which to create a screen, and the fact that the Yudu is a lot bigger than the Gocco.
Yudu has a resuable screen the requires an emulsion sheet to be applied onto in order to create the image, with the emulsion later being washed away and then dried within the Yudu unit. The unit also uses bulbs to "flash" (burn the image) into the screen, much in the same way as Gocco, except for the fact that you can use the bulbs over again.
While many of Gocco's supplies were one time use only, Yudu's supplies, while few, have some that are reusable in addition to greater accessibility (you can buy the Yudu and supplies from HSN, Micheal's and Jo-Ann Fabrics). While I have yet to see any paper projects printed on a Yudu and see what their registration capaiblities are, I am excited to see what the possibilities may be. And starting at only $299, and having inks that are water based and biodegradeable, it seems to be starting off on the right foot.
(image from Yudu)
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Erin Bassett said...

I have one & love it! The current screen does work on paper, however they are designing a finer mesh screen that should give even better results. (I can't wait to try it!) I've printed on cardstock, canvas, fabric, vinyl, & felt & got great results on them all. Also, the size of the Yudu is a big plus for me...the Gecco is too small! Anyways, feel free to stop by my blog & check out my projects. :D