Friday, January 16, 2009

Save Handmade

Save Handmade Toys

I came across the Save Handmade appeal via Sugar City Journal, and was crushed to hear what is going on right now. While I don't make children's items myself, there is an act that has passed in Congress (and goes into effect February 10, 2009), that will effect many crafters and designers, who create items for children under the age of 12 (or could even be possible be used by those under 12). This includes clothing, school supplies, toys, cloth diapers, anything and everything.

The act, The Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, came about in the wake of some toys  that were found to have lead and other chemicals in them. 
People/companies that make items for children, will have to have their items tested by certified third party labs, to prove that there is no lead or other chemicals present. As this will cost so much money, it can potentially ruin many small businesses in the process.
This means that items or toys, even made from materials like wood or paper that may usually never have such chemicals present to begin with, will have to undergo this strict testing.

While I'm all for protecting our children, it will be devastating to see so many crafters and small businesses ruined by this. The Handmade Toy Alliance has proposed for changes to this act (similar in model to what the FDA uses to exempt small producers), but whether Congress will listen up remains to be seen.

If you are a buyer, supporter or fan of handmade products, spread the word, as this act can destroy the handmade tradition.

Please check out Coolmompicks, for a list of resources and what you can do to help.
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