Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is West Elm Embracing Mid Century Modernism?

When I got the new West Elm catalog in the mail today, it really surprised me (in a good way), when I discovered this new table and chairs that they have for sale. Considering WE leans toward modern furniture with an Asian influence, I was impressed to see these new designs - very clean, simple, elegant, kind of Danish almost. These chairs are surprisingly affordable too, which is nice, under $200 each. Seeing this makes me want to chuck away my dining chairs I impulse purchased from Calypso home.

(image from West Elm)
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Art by Sophie said...

oooh! I love this look! this is my kind of modern chic!


Tracy said...

i like that giant lightbulb. my catalogs are are piled up like crazy. who knows where my west elm one is...